A short presentation session will occur followed by a longer question-and-answer session for each of the presenters. This is an awesome opportunity to have personal questions answered by Free Methodist leaders! This opportunity will give new pastors concrete ideas and solutions as they begin their ministry. The question-and-answer sessions will be driven by the participants as they ask practical questions that apply in their own personal ministry.

With the rotating groups model, everyone will have an opportunity to meet with each of the bishops and other key leaders in a small group setting. Some of the issues to be addressed are where the educational program is moving with the Ministerial Development & Credentialing department headed by Morriss. Cordova will address church communications and social media. Roberts will bring his expertise to the administrative side of running a church.

The bishops will address where the denomination is heading now that we have finished with General Conference 2015. Don’t miss out on a chance to become plugged in with our leaders in a small group setting! Email Ministerial Development & Credentialing Coordinator Sarah Stuard at sarah.stuard@fmcusa.org for more information.