The Center for Pastoral Formation

Formerly the Department of Ministerial Development and Credentialing

The Center for Pastoral Formation is located in Greenville, Illinois on the campus of Greenville University. Please see the important press release below. 







Welcome Rev. Dr. Steven P. Tungate

Director of the Center for Pastoral Formation


The Board of Bishops is pleased to announce the hiring of Rev. Dr. Steven P. Tungate to serve as the Director of the Center for Pastoral Formation. Steve is an elder in the North Central Conference, where he co-chairs the MEG Board; in his 22 years of full-time ministry in the Free Methodist Church, he has served on MEG Boards under five superintendents in two conferences and has been involved in mentoring several LMC’s and CMC’s of a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Steve articulates a clear vision for the future of Credentialing that is in harmony with the flexible baseline for Outcomes-Based Ordination being developed by the Credentialing Task Force and the Board of Bishops. At the same time, he knows he has much to learn from conferences that have developed effective systems for recognizing, equipping, and developing pastors in formation and looks forward to collaborating from coast to coast.

Steve is a Ph.D. candidate in Theology (Church History) at the University of South Africa with degrees from Fuller and Asbury Theological Seminaries and Michigan State University.

He and his wife Rachel and their daughters Natalie and Alana plan to relocate from Woodstock, Illinois to Greenville, Illinois, where the new Center will be located. Steve begins his position on February 1.




Ordination has three stages:


  • An individual, sensing the call of God and the church to pastoral ministry, is first licensed as a local ministerial candidate (LMC). The call is affirmed by service in the local church where initial training begins.
  • Step two involves acceptance by the annual conference as a conference ministerial candidate (CMC).  The candidate also prepares for the third step through course work and service.
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  • In the third step, a candidate is elected to ordination as an elder and becomes a full conference member.

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Online and Correspondence Courses are available through the Free Methodist Church USA for candidates who actively pursuing ordination in the Free Methodist Church. Each course has an experienced professor to guide the student in the learning process.


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