The 2019 Book of Discipline of the Free Methodist Church—USA calls for ministerial candidates to have “a theological education commensurate with ordained ministry” by completing an undergraduate degree or equivalent understanding, and “some graduate work in theology or demonstrates theological competence at a graduate level” (BOD, ¶5410).  Therefore, ministerial candidates are encouraged to enroll in one of the Association of Free Methodist Educational Institutions (AFMEI) or John Wesley Seminary Foundation (JWSF) affiliate schools for degree and certificate programs as means toward fulfilling the educational requirements for ordination.  You may find their programs here:

University Courses

AFMEI schools and affiliates:

JWSF schools:

Some schools may offer the individual courses as stand-alone, non-degree options for credit or audit.  In addition to the above options, individual conferences may also offer courses that meet the ordination requirements.  Please check with your conference for possible offerings.


FMCUSA Credentialing Courses


Credentialing Courses address the content areas for the ordination process. These courses are available through the FMCUSA for candidates who have opened a file with Ministerial credentialing services and are actively pursuing ordination in the Free Methodist Church. Each course has an experienced instructor to guide the student in the learning process.

Pathwright is the learning management platform being used to not only track candidate progress (i.e. LMC Path, CMC Path, Conference Deacon Candidate Path, etc.), but is also the learning platform for most of the credentialing courses. is FMCUSA’s unique library of paths. Candidates can preview course offerings, see outlines of courses, and then register using the course enrollment form link below (this link is also included in our Pathwright library course descriptions under “About”).

Currently there are two timeframes in which students may complete Pathwright courses:

  • self-paced up to 8 months from enrollment (student works down through the lesson path, completes lessons, submits assignments, instructor reviews and responds; students may finish is less than allotted time period of eight months).
  • intensives 8 or 16 weeks depending upon the course (in addition to the student working through each lesson and submitting assignments, instructor has weekly or biweekly group discussions and keeps all students on pace to complete course in allotted time period).

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Pathwright Courses

Sample Course Page

Sample Lesson Excerpt

Course Registration

Payment is received with your enrollment.