John Wesley Seminary Foundation

The Free Methodist Church realizes the financial burden that occurs when candidates continue their education and training for ministry. Through Leadership Development the John Wesley Seminary Foundation grant/loan has been set up to help ease this burden.


  1. Conference Ministerial Candidate (minimum)
  2. Pursuing full-time ministry in the Free Methodist Church.
  3. Graced with gifts and passions for ministry at the highest levels.
  4. Proven experience in fruitful ministry.
  5. Virtually certain to be appointed to a Free Methodist ministry.
  6. Enrolled in a masters program in biblical, theological, missiological or pastor studies at a JWSF affiliated school.
  7. Only two applicants will be selected from each Bishops area.
  8. Deadlines for JWSF Applications are: FALL – June 30


Schools Affiliated with the Foundation

Review of Applications and Processing of Funds


  1. JWSF office will seek superintendent and Ministerial Education and Guidance (MEG) Board recommendation regarding applicant’s gifts and graces for ministry, progress in ministry preparation and commitment to the vision and mission of the FMC.
  2. JWSF office will grant approval subject to availability of funds.
  3. Approval letter will be sent to applicant.
  4. Funds will be sent directly to the school.

Grant or Loan Renewal

Annual renewal information is provided each time you request a payment.  Complete the online payment request form and attach the tuition invoice/statement for each term where payment is requested.

Grant/Loan Repayment Agreement

The John Wesley Seminary Foundation Grant/Loan is considered a tuition grant for those who repay through full-time appointed service in the Free Methodist Church-USA. A 20 percent reduction each year is granted. The loan is forgiven after five years of full-time service.

Repayment of the JWSF Grant/Loan to the Free Methodist Church is based upon the following:

  • Full-time appointment to a Free Methodist ministry by an annual conference.
  • Full-time appointment through Free Methodist World Missions.
  • Full-time military or institutional chaplaincy appointment, endorsed by the denomination.