MEG Board

What is the Ministerial and Educational Guidance Board (MEG Board)?

From the 2019 Book of Discipline ¶5230:

“Each annual conference shall have a standing Ministerial Education and Guidance Board, composed of the members of the Ministerial Appointments Committee and additional members as determined by the electing body.”

“The Board shall be responsible to screen candidates for reception into the conference and/or for ordination.”

“The Board shall guide and counsel those who are received so that they may be able to meet the demands of pastoral ministry.”

MEG Manual

The new 2022 MEG Manual is a required resource for all members of Ministerial Education and Guidance Boards for all FMCUSA Annual Conferences.

Developed by Rev. Dr. Steve Tungate from the Center for Pastoral Formation, this resource is updated with the latest in information for all MEG members.

Wholistic Mentoring

Current research shows a direct correlation between the presence of strong mentoring relationships and long-term flourishing in ministry. Although other factors play into one’s longevity in ministry, mentors are critically important in setting a trajectory that often lasts throughout one’s years of service. This handbook is designed to walk pastors through a philosophy, model, and approach to mentoring before unpacking the specific processes for guiding ministerial candidates at the local, conference, and deacon levels toward service in the Free Methodist Church. The model proposed draws from the best practices of spiritual direction, ministry coaching, and pastoral supervision to develop a candidate’s heart, head, and hands for service.